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I believe that people always have to share some of their knowledge with others. It is like “zekat”.

Here on my website, I want to share what I leant from my experince on the path from an unhealthy body with no energy, to a younger body with maximum health an glow! I did this by loosing 22kilos in 3 months and moving to an Alkaline life style.


Detoxing/fasting/juicing is the door one should enter to this ideal life style of real energy, health and happiness. I am so gratefull to everyone who thought me so much with their knowledge, experince, kindness and love. They all made me feel like “The Luckiest Girl on th Planet” everyday. God bless you all! Start today! Trust your body, accept that we are a part of the nature and all disease start when we try to do things against the nature. Experince will show you what is good for your body once you start listening to it. It is never too late to be more healthy and much easier before getting sick. Always remember “Health is a crown on the head of the healthy, which only the sick can see.”

Thanks for visiting my wesite an I hope we will meet one day in person, so I can learn from your experince too. “Imagine” and just do it… With lots of love and health, gul kaynak

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