Miracle Green Juice

Solid Fruit Extractor

Miracle Green Juice

5 cucumbers (with peel)
10-15 leaves of spinach
4 leaves of chard
2 celery roots
3 broccoli flower
1 hand full purslane
1 lemon half apple


All these fruit/vegetable ingredients are squeezed raw by a quality juice maker and drunk freshly.
If desired, some fresh ginger, Himalayan salt, ¼ red beet, all kinds of fresh red, green pepper, parsley, fresh mint etc. can be added.

Every morning a big cup of water (500cc) will be drunk. Which is the primary /blue-eyed boy of all weight lose and healthy living cures.


There is a question, which I have been asked all the time: what kind of juicer do I prefer? I personally use Hurom Slow Juicer at home. So I have talked with this brand that I am recommending you as well, and told them I can delivery your orders to them.

My main reason to pick this product is that it juices especially wheat grass and all other greens such as parsley, dill, and purslane perfectly. It doesn’t have metal knife; its ceramic mill makes fruits and vegetables, as we desire them to be. And its cleaning is very simple and easy.

If you would like to order one for yourself, all you need is to full out the form below; they will contact you.


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