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I believe that people always have to share some of their knowledge with others. It is like “zekat”.
Here on my website, I want to share what I leant from my experince on the path from an unhealthy body with no energy, to a younger body with maximum health an glow! I did this by loosing 22kilos in 3 months and moving to an Alkaline life style.


10 Golden Rules for Healthy Weight Loss

That’s the number of the days, which you will lose that kilo in a healthy way by practicing that 10 golden rules precisely at the end.

Miracle Green Juice

Every morning a big cup of water (500 cc) will be drunk.
Which is the primary /blue-eyed boy of all weight lose and healthy living cures.

Gülben Ergen

Gül Kaynak ile Badem Sütünden Dondurma ve Yeşil Yaz Çorbası Tarifleri

Gülben Ergen
Cenk Eren Mutfakta

Cenk Eren Mutfakta

Cenk Eren Mutfakta

Gül Kaynak Habertürk


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